"Your space + your wishes & dreams + ingenuity & originality = An escape from the rest of the world."
- Michelle Lane

Michelle Lane

Owner | Principal Designer

Brenda Zino

Lead Interior Designer

Michelle Lane of Whirlygig Designs was born for a life of creativity. If "necessity is the mother of invention", then Michelle is clearly the mother of necessity! Typical lack of funding at an early age caused Michelle to find repurpose in seemingly mundane items, such as the time she used a bed skirt and sheets to fashion the much-coveted canopy bed of her youth. Where there's a will, there's a way and somehow Michelle always found herself three steps ahead of the game.

When Michelle created Whirlygig Designs - thus named as homage to that ingenious child that has always remained within her - she was determined to offer her clients an escape from the big-box retailers. Michelle's to-the-trade resources ensure that her interiors don't appear to be merely plucked from the pages of a retail catalogue, but rather possess designs as creative and unique as each of her clients.

As a 2008 NW Natural Street of Dreams designer, Michelle has a keen eye for color, shape and balance and enjoys designing functional spaces that are not only visually appealing but which also serve a client's specific purpose. In Michelle's opinion, everyone should be able to "Have Their Cake and Eat It Too" - Functional can be Fabulous!

Brenda Zino has always had a passion for design, but it was not until building her own custom home that she decided to make a career of it. It was so rewarding to see the whole project come together, from designing the floor plan to selecting each interior and exterior detail. So when the opportunity arose to partner with Michelle and Whirlygig Designs, it was a natural fit.