"Simplicity is the keynote to all true elegance..."
-Coco Chanel

If I've ever had a "darn-it" moment in my entire career, it's about this remodel. This client was relocating from Texas to the Lake Norman area and this house was the right size for them and was on a stunning peninsula lot that truly affords 180 degree views… the only downside was the outdated interior. The scope of this project: 1. A complete master bath overhaul and redesign (see photos of tub recessed to floor level/several steps down to the glass block shower stall - a complete slip hazard and truly an eyesore); 2. A complete kitchen overhaul (again, another house with a double island… not to mention the second island backing to the front door was so close to the refrigerator you had about 24 inches of true "wiggle room" to try to get into the kitchen from that angle); 3. a master bedroom expansion plus porch off master/enlarged closet space; 4. addition of a home gym on the upper level which encompassed reconfiguring the roof line/expansion into former eave space; 5. New front entry and new pool in the backyard; and 6. A general overhaul of entire house from flooring to paint to lighting. This was a time-sensitive project and the design and selections were done mostly long-distance via pictures and phone calls. This project should have taken 6 months… but this client needed to move sooner than that so the schedule was compacted greatly. Now back to my "darn-it" moment… the new hardwoods had just received their final coat and were curing. The photographer was scheduled to shoot the house. Unfortunately, the family arrived before the photographer (and while the floors were still curing)… so the only shots of this house are simple phone shots during the process. Darn-it. Still… the final kitchen reconfiguration and master bath redraw were beautiful. A great project!