"Simplicity is the keynote to all true elegance..."
-Coco Chanel

This client was ready for a master bedroom worthy of escaping to (from the kids I'm guessing…). She wanted something completely different from what she had and was receptive to anything we came up with…. the only stipulation was that she wanted to keep an heirloom in the room: the chest at the bottom of the bed. Well, that's easy… what a great piece to work with! Our first observation was that the double door entry really made it awkward to place a piece of furniture in the niche behind the door (their dresser was currently situated there). However, we needed to keep storage space a priority as the closet wasn't sufficient. So we designed a built-in for this space in order to create storage/display space for books/area for TV to be placed. We created a "wall-of-windows" effect by hanging the draperies high and wide - the silk dupioni we used was luscious. We had a true artisan come in to create a custom lustrestone effect on the bed wall (not to be confused with an accent wall - which I avoid at all costs)…. We used two different styles of nightstands and hung chandeliers over each. A standing mirror and comfy chair/ottoman combo with the client's favorite throw… a Happy Escape!