"Simplicity is the keynote to all true elegance..."
-Coco Chanel

Here is another design that I am just crushed that I didn't get After photos… This client was on the west coast - I was on the east coast. She's a client who became a dear friend of mine and she was getting married… in this house…. and I had less than 3 months to transform it. Holy moly. We repainted walls, recarpeted everywhere, created an entirely new outdoor living area, ordered new furniture, ordered interesting decor - I was feeling pretty good with the timeframe. Until she sprung it on me that they had decided to get married around the pool and now the pool house needed to be gutted and redone. Sigh. Good thing I loved this girl more than life itself! So we jumped in and gutted the kitchen and bath and redefined some living/sleeping areas - created a bar space… and it all came together JUST in time! Literally, finished up placing a couple of last minute items - ran upstairs to shower and dress and a couple blinks later and she's walking down the aisle. It was during this trip that my "plus one" (my BFF) told me that she thinks I have the worst job in the world and she had no idea I worked so hard. Was that a compliment?!