"Simplicity is the keynote to all true elegance..."
-Coco Chanel

I think the Rites of Passage for every designer is going through the nightmare known as doing a showhome (West Coast calls it the Street of Dreams - East Coast calls it something completely different, I'm sure). Suffice it to say, they are high end homes - no client - short timeframe - whole house design - thousands of visitors walking through. It was exhausting, but it was fun. This particular home had been completed early and the builder was living in it. So the bones were in place. Luckily, they were good bones. Our job was to turn it up a notch! We received awards for this home and for that we are incredibly proud… what the public doesn't know is that the final design they saw was NOT the design we created. As the show was drawing near we received news that over 51 items of major furnishings WERE NOT going to make it in time. I think I had a nervous breakdown that week. We regrouped and pulled together miscellaneous pieces here and there and just made it work. Thank goodness I can mark this off my list… Getting the award was fun, though! Shout-out to my co-designers… Maureen Pulicella and Sara Peterson - I couldn't have survived that ordeal without them!