"Simplicity is the keynote to all true elegance..."
-Coco Chanel

So do you remember the bride I mentioned under the Petticoat file? Our relationship started right here with this project. Strangers. She was referred to me and wanted help with her super-cool trendy condo overlooking Northwest 23rd Street in Portland. Her natural leanings were contemporary (not unusual on the west coast) but when I first visited her the feeling I got was "cold". I explained to her how I like to do things with a Twist… contemporary, but with a twist. She started to trust me. I wanted to repaint all her millwork and doors and splash some paint on the wall… we then worked with an artist, Margaret Moran, to create some truly exceptional pieces of artwork. We designed a custom bar display and a custom console for the living room. Artwork by Yuri Zatarain on custom pedestals… in the end her new space gave off that contemporary vibe but without sacrificing warmth and comfort. A classic example of Having Your Cake and Eating it Too! (After getting married this condo became a corporate condo space for her out-of-town clients… beats the dickens out of some hotel!)