There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly
-Buckminster Fuller

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New Home Construction

So you want to build a new house, do you?

Everything just the way you truly want it… the perfect lot, the perfect floor plan and the perfect finishes! Except the process seems daunting… so many choices in so little time. That’s where we swoop in and rescue you. Here at Whirlygig Designs we are with you during the entire build helping your dream transform into a reality… from the big selections to the small selections we help you navigate the often all-consuming task of a custom build.

The course we navigate includes (but is not limited to):

  • Exterior Finishes & color scheme (shake/stone/brick/cement-board, etc.)
  • Appliance selections
  • Plumbing selections
  • Cabinetry layout/function/finishes/hardware
  • Flooring selections (travertine/hardwood/carpet/tile, etc.)
  • Countertop selections (granite/marble/butcher block, etc.)
  • Backsplash selections
  • Electrical layout (location of switches, cans, chandeliers, fans, etc.)
  • Lighting selections (interior and exterior)
  • Color palette (walls, ceiling, trim, doors, etc.)
  • Finishes (base and crown profiles, door hardware, bath hardware, mirrors, etc.)

Building your dream home should be a fun process and not something you dread or become overwhelmed with. We’re here to help. The typical build process can go as quickly as 6 months or extend 4 times as long… Our fee structure is simple: 1% of the total build. It’s that simple.

Projects to look at: Stonewall Beach, Club Drive, Stonemarker, Rivendell, Ragsdale

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