There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly
-Buckminster Fuller

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Every designer has a favorite niche… some design element that they feel just truly turns a space from ho-hum to holy moly!

Personally, my niche is lighting. It completely transforms a space in my opinion. My favorite trick is to replace can/recessed lighting along a breezeway/hallway with semi-flush fixtures or small chandeliers. I also really like going with larger chandelier/fixtures over kitchen islands versus using small pendant lights.

For lamp lighting I prefer oversize fixtures (generally around 40” high makes a nice statement). In general, swapping out a builder-grade fixture for something a tad more unique always pays off in the end… the compliments from friends and neighbors is priceless!

Projects to look at: Stonewall Beach, Anderson Farm, Lilywood, Westover, Island, Whaling Way, Ragsdale, Spears Creek, Cedar Bluff

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